I have been studying Tai Yi since June of 2008 and I am in the advanced class. I came up with the name Connective Healing, due to everything being connected. By using Tai Yi to assist yourself in healing, you bring into alignment all of your meridians, and yourself into alignment with your higher mind as well." The TREE symbolizes that we are all contected to every thing and everyone around us for there is no separation in all that exists.
Tai Yi students are tested two/three times a year by Hossca Harrison. Hossca considers a 5.0 excellent and considers that student able to perform Tai Yi on the public. Thus far,  I was last tested in November 2015, my score is 9.61 and I am sending over 840% Universal Energy. At this time I know over a 100 Treatments. 
I am offering Tai Yi energy work for those requesting the assistance, in Colorado Springs and Monument. There are times that I travel to different cities to talk about and/or offer Tai Yi treatments. These dates will be posted under  
Tai Yi Events Link as they become available.