These are the treatments that I can assist with. I will help you pick the treatment that is the most appropriate for you at this time.
These Treatments have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
These Treatments are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any Disease.

New Treatments are in Red​​
This treatment works on the 8th body called Qual De Say, matter unseen, or called dark matter that works in a vacuum and pulls energy from the higher bodies to the lower bodies creating a Star of Creation.  The time before mysticism is where many ancient symbols originated.  Eighth body – Qual De Sey – is matter unseen, matter that works in the vacuum and pulls energy from the higher bodies down to the lower bodies, which creates the star of creation.  This treatment is not intended to repair bodies 8-12; but, rather allow the lower bodies to conceive their identity.  (Review the notes from the Intensive where bodies 8-12 were described to bring a better understanding of this treatment.)
Bottom line:  This treatment brings the 8th body into alignment, meaning it pulls the lower bodies into alignment.
9th Body (Qual Lay Du).  Dark Energy:
You must have Qual De Sey, 8th body of awareness done first. 
A gravitational pull pulls lower bodies to upper bodies and allows the center of the Star of Creation. The Star of Creation is a map.  This has to do with Tai Yi and the Star of Creation.  This can be used to expand consciousness for more understanding of our soul heritage.  (Review your notes from the Intensive where bodies 8-12 were described to bring a better understanding of this treatment).
Bottom line:  This treatment is good for people who want follow their path and explore more.  This treatment is not intended to repair bodies 9-12; but, rather allow the lower bodies to “conceive” their identity. 
10th Body:
This treatment works with you create a clearer connection to your higher mind and your heart so that you make wise choices instead of painful ones
3 parts 24hours to 14 days apart best every 3 days
Symptoms of Abnormal Thyroid, you might feel run down, tired; or, have brain fog.  You usually gain weight; or, experience hair loss.  Others may feel hyper, anxious; or, sweat a lot, more than usual.  All of these are common symptoms of thyroid disorders.  The Thyroid gland regulates many processes within the body.  Women in particular are likely to have disorders that affect the function of this essential gland.  Recognizing and treating these conditions are critical for optimum health and preventing long-term health problems.  This treatment is for both Hyper and Hypo Thyroidism.  Have the Hormonal Human Treatment first, wait a week and then have Abnormal Thyroid done.  As with all Tai Yi Treatments, this Treatment does not take the place of needed Medical Treatments; or, Medications.   
This Treatment is the first part of AYS.  According to Ancient Chinese Life Energy Flow medicine the body deteriorates for many reasons, but one main reason is the blood does not keep its ability to feed and protect your body from the harsh elements of our environment, especially from GMO’s and chemicals.
The bone marrow produces red blood cells and one type of white blood cells, but as one ages the marrow becomes contaminated and produces fewer useful blood cells.  Therefore, our blood becomes weaker allowing for a rapid aging process.
This treatment works with the Red Bone Marrow and Yellow Bone Marrow.  This treatment is not to be on children under the age of 8, as young children do not have Yellow Marrow, only Red Marrow.
This Treatment is the 2nd part of the AYS series.  Blood is a body fluid that transports essential elements in the body.  About 8 % of the human body weight is blood.  Blood has many functions.
The two most important of which are the transport of Life Energy Flow to the tissues and the removal of waste from tissues.
Blood transports oxygen to all the tissues of the body, especially the ones in the brain.  Hormones, nutrients like vitamins and minerals, and other body regulating elements, are transported through the blood well.
Blood is composed basically of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma.  The red bold cells called erythrocytes carry oxygen.  The white blood cells or leukocytes are the soldier cells that fight infection. 
Nutrients, hormones, and waste products like carbon dioxide are found in the blood.
The more waste products in the blood have a direct interaction with time.  (See Jonah’s message given at the Intensive “Illusion of Time”) Waste products in the blood use the illusion of time for ill health, and growing old.
Blood Life will get rid of the illusion of growing old.  This treatment is best done on people who not stuck on a track.  It is easy to see those people who are!
This treatment is working with the DNA of the physical and emotional bodies.  A statement my teacher would often state, “We borrow from our ancestors that which we give to our children.”  This treatment supersedes the older Tai Yi treatment “Perception of Pain”.  This treatment has 2 parts, which can be done 2-72 hours apart.
Two Tai Yi treatments will be taught, one for females and one for males.  This Tai Yi treatment will take the place of both adult and juvenile implant removal treatments.  This treatment also works with ones who witnessed alien abduction, as well as those being abducted and implanted.  This treatment also works with night terror, issues with sleeping, and strange experiences in the body.  I will talk about the many issues one may have associated with Alien Dread.
To save time on questions about what determines a male or a female in this age, which is a good question these days.  The answer is this, if one was born with male plumbing use the Male Alien Dread treatment, if one was born with female plumbing use the Female Alien Dread treatment.

This treatment cleanses the astral body as Jonah spoke about in the last Intensive.  The bath Jonah gave will assist in cleansing, but this treatment will be much more profound.  Astral Body Cleanse treatment is in two parts. Each treatment is 3 hours to 1 week apart.
Astral Body Cleanse treatment works primarily on one's astral body.

This Treatment works with the Meridians connected to Dark Energy, Dark Matter, which allows for memories of Future issues, including future issues with your body, mind and emotions.
This treatment is for establishing a balance for your future realities. What was, what is and what will be.
This will assist with solar storms, they have an intense energy.  This will help with the balance of that energy from the solar storms positive or negative. By balancing your future you can see into the future based on your current choices.  The Future is NOW!
This treatment will assist one to become aware of the opposing polarity of their physical and mental body. When one part is opposed it sets the stage of disease. This treatment removes the blocks of energy, which have stagnated the life energy Both false identity and becoming the mirror have many similarities

This treatment is for the moving energy into the brain from the emotions, through the head and into the soul body.  This will assist in healing the disconnect in the brain with the focus and attention.  This will also assist older adults that are starting to lose their memory.  This will also assist with ADHD
This treatment works with the prefrontal cortex. How is the past influencing current choices? Do you carry around past trauma and inserting it into the current time frame, thus creating more trauma? Do you carry an expectation of pain because pain is what has occurred in the past? This will bring clarity to which lies (life is painful is an example) one is still holding onto in order to directly address the lie and heal it. This can help one see beyond the ‘blinders’ in order to see different directions, angles, and choices
This treatment will require 2 parts, each part do be done 1 hour to 24 hours apart
This assists people that are going through much change. It creates clarity as to what order change needs to be created. When change is created out of order, imbalance occurs.
 There are many writings on Brain Fog; many say drugs, improper diet, long-term stress, and different neurological diseases cause it.  The list is very long.  In ancient Chinese health brain fog is caused by beliefs overpowering the mind of knowingness.  This is the direct (but not only) cause for many neurological diseases.
 Brain Fog does not interfere with ones beliefs, but rather creates a clear channel for knowingness to more clearly flow making it easier to empower knowing versus beliefs.
 Brain Fog also assists the brain to detox and renew.
The treatment works with dark matter in the brain.  It assists in connecting dark matter particles in the brain to assist in connecting with the mind this will also to a degree assist with miner brain damage and memory loss.
Most people use energized thought perceiving it is passion. Passion is the energy needed to create heat in the meridians. Brain Passion is a clearing treatment as well as a treatment to assist in one creating new patterns. This clears old energy within the meridians.
 Your brain on Cortisol. 
 When your brain believes there is a danger, it sends immediate signals down your spine to your adrenal glands commanding them to release the hormone adrenaline. Once this is released the adrenaline increases the amount of sugar in your blood increasing your heart rate and raises your blood pressure, plus many other activities throughout the body.
 The hypothalamus also sends signals to your pituitary gland at the bottom of your brain telling it tis release cortisol, a hormone causing stress. 
Stress is good for short time emergencies, but many use cortisol as a means of getting through each day.
 The long-term effects of stress is damaging if it goes on for more than a week.  It raises your level of cortisol, lowering your immune system, decreasing the number of brain cells which impairs your memory, (more long-term memory).  It increases the bad fats in your blood making it more likely you will have a heart attack or stoke.  Chronic stress causes premature brain aging.  But without cortisol you would die, but too much you will die.  Brain Stress is a treatment to help balance your brain, and cortisol.
How many times do we die subtle deaths before our physical death?  How many parts of your emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies have died from some form of trauma, a little piece at a time? Each major trauma we experience adds to the whole, the more parts that have died have been added to the physical body causing disease, discomfort, and premature physical death. This treatment brings up the parts that have died to be merged into the whole, healing the pain of subtle death.
Most people have subconscious blocks to joy, peace, and passion. What is your block? This treatment works with you to help you identify your main block, how it works (when it’s activated), and how to move beyond it in order to create a different experience. ( the client will feel like they have other choses, before they might have felt like they did not have one this will also bring up the wall to work on)
This treatment is in two parts. Parts 1 and 2 can be two hours to two days apart.
The pineal gland is a flat, cone-shaped organ about the size of a pea lying in the center of the midbrain.  It reaches its largest mass during childhood, but often will calcify and shrink with age, Look it up on Google and see where it is located in the brain.  This treatment will assist in cleaning the pineal of calcification.  Bottom line:  It will create greater clarity in your vision of energy.
This treatment prepares the physical, mental, and emotional Bodies for a complete detox. This treatment should be done one week prior to any detox treatments. This treatment allows for a more complete detox, including what the subconscious mind and or impacted organ/gland holds onto.
The Dirty Brain works with Leaky Gut Syndrome.  This treatment is in 2 parts which can be done 3 - 72 hours apart.

The mental programming, including the programming within the brain, will often establish an escape route.  In closing this escape route will push one to make a greater commitment towards their healing, even when it is not pleasant.   Bottom Line?   One creates a deeper commitment towards healing, by recognizing excuses used to prevent or prolong healing.

This treatment is for ones who choose to live in the past, which are most people.  It collects energy from the past that has been sent to the future to bring it back to the present.  When ones project their past to their future, they continue to repeat their past.
Dispersing The Past From Your Future treatment works primarily on one's mental and emotional bodies.
Emotions of failure is a pattern because the person has formed an addiction to failure or the results of failure. "Life is a struggle" keeps one in a high beta brain wave. The person always justifies failure and blame. The person may have a victim mentality. This treatment assists ones to become aware of emotions of failure and who continue to fail at whatever that one is attempting to do or pretend to heal. This is also good for one that teacher shops. This will bring into awareness the origin of a pattern and that one can experience a release. If one carries energy of sabotage, it is a 24 hour process, not selective.
Those who are familiar with bodybuilding will have heard about the core, and how to work with the core.  If not, look it up on Google.  This exercise is not about body core strengthening in terms of muscles, but rather building a stronger core energy that holds all bodies together, including the 5 higher bodies.  This exercise will work with the inner magnetic fields of the bodies.   
The bottom line?    Seeing and feeling beyond the illusion.  Being aware when you are being pulled magnetically into another’s illusionary fear and anger persona, causing disruption.  Are you being pulled into someone else’s delusion, is your magnetic field being compromised mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually?
Use this treatment to arrange meridian balance to flow with the earth changes, including solar storms.
This treatment will assist with realigning your meridians and help you to use the solar storms as a cleansing.  It helps to align you with the changes occurring and it puts meridians back where they need to be. 
If you have experienced a strong solar storm this treatment would be helpful.  Imagine a glass sphere and inside it contained metal shavings.  This sphere was spinning and all of the metal shavings came to a point.  This is what happens when a solar storm occurs, all of your body’s toxins come to a point and they need to be released.  Example: you have a headache because you did not drink enough water, extreme dizziness and nausea because you have toxins of different degrees in your meridians throughout your body.  Solar storms can create change, whatever change one experiences will create a movement of toxins.
This Exercise resets the firing of the brain so it can properly process information from the mind, it also helps with injuries to the brain like concussions, small strokes, long term depression, long term anger, long term stress, and bing out of body to much it can also assist with autism and
This exercise removes residue from cross-contamination that has occurred. Be aware, the person that receives this exercise must be willing to allow changes for healing.
This treatment works with balancing the hormones in the human energy system.  Great for both female and male going through menopause, or for both male and female experiencing a hormonal imbalance due to chemical food, drink, and toxic childhood.  Bottom Line:  Helps to release self destructive patterns.  When too many hormones flow at once it is destructive and we make bad choices.  Good for any age, teenagers pregnant women etc.  When hormones are suppressed they become diseased.  This treatment helps to reprogram the hormones back to a normal state where they need to be.  Genetically Modified foods have a direct effect on your hormones and can lead to breast and prostate cancers.  Can take up to 3 month to feel the full effect.
This treatment will assist ones who are Hyper Sensitive, to turn their hyper sensitive energy into a more balanced intuitive understanding.  One that is hyper sensitive turns to abuse (drug, sex, alcohol, relationship to name a few) are highly intuitive but it was too painful to stay in that state of mind.  They can also be very sensitive to their surroundings. (This treatment works very well with the Jonah message angry child) 
For people who have conflicts in their different minds.  This shows up as internal issues in the torso, which affects all other parts of the body.  Conflicts created by cross contamination over a long period.  Symptoms can be internal bleeding, swelling, poor digestion, female organs, male organs.  This also includes conflict between mind and heart.
 This treatment is about healing your DNA.  It is often stated we are what we eat, but we are also what our ancestors ate.  What programs hide in our DNA, which provokes diseases such as cancer, addiction, and depression to name a few?
 If you take your DNA and stretch it out, it would stretch for 10 billion miles.  You have a lot of programming there; some of it is positive, and some of it very negative.
 This treatment goes deep, and it cannot be done in one treatment, rather it takes 4 treatments.
 Stay off refined sugar!  Refined sugar turns your genes OFF, which is meant to protect you from heart disease and diabetes to name a few.
Each part can be done 24 hours apart or up to one month apart.  
Journey Home is a Tai Yi treatment that addresses ones who do not feel at home here, in this world. The treatment works with the emotional meridians and the higher mind to bring awareness and memories of home. It also brings awareness and memories of why one is here-a soul pathway-and awareness and memories of what one needs to do to heal. This treatment can be profound in assisting one to understand life’s purpose and understand feelings that have been felt all one’s life.
This Treatment is for one’s who live their life seeking approval from parents, friends, mentors, teachers, society and so on. Their creative ability is asleep, and they often carry a deep take care of me energy.
After the treatment they will feel more empowered, creative and they will have the opportunity to feel what if they are not accepted so that it can be dealt with on a deeper level.
Link of Destruction is an energetic link attached from a non-physical (sometimes physical) to the Cerebellum and into the Temporal lobe of the brain.  This allows a person physical or non-physical to have a direct link in the influence to your thoughts, desires, and fears.  This is done through synapses, the chemical communication of neurons. This treatment releases the link allowing the brain to begin to heal.  The symptoms of a link can be memory issues, anger issues, and depression issues.  One may find themselves doing something they normally would not do, such as physically harming themselves.  This treatment is in three parts to be done 1 - 36 days apart.   As we enter into a more disturbing global pattern, this ailment will continue to increase.

 Our health landscape is changing rapidly and we find ourselves in a new age of degrading health. An age of deteriorating food supplies causing systemic inflammation, and overuse of drugs, including antibiotics. Our intestines are the key to our brain’s health; microbes are the key to our intestine’s health. 
This treatment does not add microbes but instead changes the energy of our intestines to allow microbes we take to sequence our digestive processes.
 This treatment is a 2-part treatment.  Have the client abstain from taking any microbes into the system for one week before this treatment.  The same day after part 1 is done take microbes internally and continue daily, then do part 2 one week later.  This treatment adjusts the microbes to work with your digestive system. Then proceed with those same microbes daily.  
 If for any reason you can no longer take those microbes, start over with the treatment and new microbes.  


How many times have you heard one state, “I have this pain, issue, or whatever, because of this past life, how I died, or was tortured to death.”  When I hear this I hear the Broken Cycle of Death repeating itself over and over.  The Broken Cycle of Death programs our reality to keep one inside the “Wall”. 

This treatment helps one to remember life before self abuse became a pattern.
What ever that abuse is, cutting, making choices that you know are going to fail so you can punish yourself, drugs, and alcohol, working too hard, etc.
This treatment balances the mind with the brain.  It creates clarity and purging in the meridians between the mind and brain.  This treatment makes it much easier to meditate and tune into the mind, allowing for a deeper level of healing mental issues developed in current life, especially childhood, and past lives.  This treatment will assist in remembering times of deep joy.  Also, this treatment can be used to bring forth memories of the mind dealing with spiritual experiences the consciousness did not want to deal with.

This treatment is good for people who choose to live in their brain/mind and rarely use their heart for whatever reason.  Nervous And Endocrine System Harmony balances the nervous and endocrine system, which is interwoven throughout the body.
Nervous And Endocrine System Harmony is a 2-part treatment, which can be done 1 day to 7 days apart.  
Nervous And Endocrine System Harmony treatment works primarily on the physical body.   

This exercise works with energetically cleaning the astrocytes. This will strengthen and/or realign the strings of innate intelligence.
This treatment will bring clarity and understanding to the individual attempting to heal and allow the person to gain an accurate perception of healing. Many people have a perception of what their life will be like when they heal an issue. That perception may be incorrect because it was created during a time of pain. As a result, people could work at healing an issue AND have healed it, but do not think they have because they do not see the result they thought they would see. This includes people who are healing a trauma. Because the result of the healing does not match the perception of healing, the person may re-injure him or herself. Many times this will discourage one from further healing. The treatment removes the false perception and works with all the bodies, unconscious and conscious.
This treatment was originally for those who ate diseased or spoiled foods or eating parts of animals that the human body is not equipped to digest properly. That would be the intestines, liver, heart, and brain. This treatment repairs damage done by GMO foods. Today's GMO foods are diseased foods since their genetics are intentionally altered. This treatment is not a permanent fix from eating GMO foods. It helps repair the damage, but the person needs to change his or her diet.
Power Memories of Love:
Power Memories of Action:
Power Memories of Fulfillment:
Anyone having this treatment will be Counseled on how to prepare for this treatment this is a very powerful treatment and it will go deeper by preparing for it.
The Power Memories treatments are to be done in a set and in that order.  It will require 3 separate appointments.  They are not stand alone exercises.  This Treatment helps with self punishing programming and old belief systems.  This treatment works with the brain.  The brain has a tendency to control the level of emotions, awareness, pleasure and pain one feels.  The brain will store information in memories; or, pictures.  Even memories from a past live.  It then uses these pictures to hold on to beliefs that are negative and do not support who you are.  This is why it can be very hard to heal a past trauma.  The brain will use these painful memories and pictures to trick you into going down a different path (away from your healing); or, help you to hold on to the belief that you simply can’t do this; or, that.  This series of treatments will give you a fresh start it removes the old pictures and allows the higher mind to replace these pictures with positive ones, by doing this it will greatly assist you with your healing process.  This treatment works very well with the Jonah Life Institute book “A Belief Worth Dying For”.
Best to be done 2 hours apart; however, can be done up to 2 days apart.  The same time frame must be maintained between each exercise.  There is a breathing exercise that goes along with this treatment (equalized breathing).  The breathing exercise allows the brain to be more receptive to the mind.  It also allows the spinal column (memories are stored in your spinal column) to be more receptive to the brain and the immune system (ones immune system is also stored in the spinal column) to connect with the minds memory of TRUE, in terms of what you actually experienced in the mind, in the beginning before the illusion influenced you in regards to Love, Action and Fulfillment.
This treatment is for those who engage in self-punishment, guilt, and self-anger. It also works for ones who punish themselves out of body or in the dream state. One who wakes up depressed, anxious, or angry could have been punishing themselves during sleep. This is also good for people who self-sabotage, which is another form of self-punishment.

This treatment moves one's present energy into their energy at puberty allowing a cleansing of negative energies created during puberty.
Purifying Puberty is a 1-part treatment.
Purifying Puberty treatment works primarily on the emotional and mental bodies. 

This treatment will assist in refining raw energy to allow power in what one seeks to create.  Bottom line:  It will improve your energy output.  Refined energy allows more energy with less effort.   If you have bloated chakras you are using raw energy, if you have tighter chakras you are using refined energy.  Example:  Kenya track runners do not bob up and down when they run.  American track runners bob up and down when they run using more energy going up and down than forward( Refined vs. Raw). 
For ones that have hard time taking action on words they speak. This often is a result of fear of judgment being right or wrong of doing. This exercise will help them create the life they speak they desire.

 The lungs are responsible for taking clean, oxygen-rich air into the body, and breathing out air full of harmful carbon dioxide. They are responsible for taking in new consciousness and letting go of the old consciousness.
 The condition of your skin, body hair, and how much you generally sweat through your glands is attributed to the strength and health of lung qi. For people that experience night sweating, it is a significant sign of lung deficiency.
 The total surface area of the lungs varies from 50 to 75 square meters or 540 to 810 square feet; roughly the same area as one side of a tennis court.
The following supports the lungs.
 Water - essential for healthy lungs, and every other part of your body.
 Omega-3 fatty acids are imperative to lung health.
 Apples, which are high in vitamins C, E, and beta-carotene, as well as citrus fruits, act as medicine to the lungs.
 Apricots offer a diet high in vitamin A and support the respiratory tract linings, and it is also known to lower risk of lung infections.
 Broccoli, which is rich in antioxidants, is one of the best greens for lung health, especially for COPD suffers. 
 Chicken, turkey, and other poultry are high in vitamin A, which are more easily absorbed by the body than some plant-based versions.
 Walnuts, which are high in omega-3 fatty acids, are an ideal food if you are a vegetarian. Eating one handful daily helps people with asthma or other respiratory ailments.
This treatment has 2 parts, can be done 3 to 48 hours apart.  

This is done 2 day to 7 days apart
This is a two-part treatment, which works with the “BBB” Blood Brain Barrier to strengthen its function. People can benefit from this treatment after an illness, long-term dehydration, long-term cell phone use, and computer usage. 
Sea Wave is an emotional treatment. The purpose of Sea Wave is to create a sense of emotional calmness within an individual. This exercise works with removing old stagnant energy which will allow the individual to feel a renewed emotional state.
This treatment establishes a shield around the mind to protect you from self-created “denial of life syndrome”.  Bottom Line:  This treatment assists in coming to know self, without influence from the Mass conscious.  Also a wonderful treatment for ones beginning to open to their spiritual journey; or, being tested in Tai Yi class.  This is also a good treatment for a sudden death in the family.
This treatment helps in healing a defect in the Brain Personality (usually from severe punishment, or fear of punishment).  This personality type usually looks for ones to take care of them, save them.  This leads to deep levels of depression.  This personality also has difficulty staying on their path, because it is so easy for them to be swayed in another direction.
Procrastination is denial of today’s ability
This treatment is to awaken ones energy, emotionally, mentally, and physically to work now on healing.
This will bring greater awareness to ones procrastination, it sends energy to assist in one owning there procrastination
This treatment is for ones who have been punished for following their path in whatever life it may have been. This treatment clears out the residue of pain punishment, including fear.
Ending Separation Between Brain and Spine. This exercise clears out clutter, and confusion, allowing greater communication between the brain and spine.  This will increase immune function.   Bottom line?   This will assist in spinal difficulties, spinal pain.  Great for people who continue to need spinal chiropractic adjustments, or have some type of spinal injury.
STRESS OF DEATH (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD):
This treatment works with PTSD in helping to heal very deep issues of trauma.  Many attach this disorder to war, but this disorder can be the result of childhood trauma, sexual abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse.  Some forms of trauma as an adult, which can lead to PTSD are car accidents, natural disaster, sudden illness, such as a stroke or heart attack, or death of a loved one.  This treatment is in 2 parts to be done 24 to 48 hours apart.
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can develop following a traumatic event that threatens your safety or makes you feel helpless.

The twelfth dragon is known as the twelfth door in more advanced Tai Yi.  This treatment opens and monitors the gates connecting each body it allows for a more fluid transition to higher understanding.  This will also help with connecting to the higher bodies. Not just the twelfth but all of the higher bodies whatever that might be.  This works well with ones that have been making progress on their healing.
Guilt is like taking a beautiful rose and instead of putting it in cool water but boiling water
This is what is in till understand and healed it helps bring guilt to the surface to work on it then what are you going to do about it are you going to make amends or just sit on it?
You need to make amends of what you are guilty of and some could be false guilt and you think you did it but did not this will help with the movement of that healing this will also help you determine where the guilt is coming from, if one carries guilt there is shame attached to it that is typical of how people deal with it
Doing the shame exercises before this treatment would also help
This will also help ones who hold a lot of guilt from being raped or incest
This treatment works best one week after The Sweetheart treatment. The Heart of Disease is for people who have physical heart issues, such as heart disease. The energy of the treatment will begin assisting the person in healing the toxins in the second heart (sac around the heart).
This treatment is for ones who have died of a broken heart (Past Life), or who are dying of a broken heart this will also assist with the heart chakra being out of balance, people who have been deeply hurt and have not healed it (loss of a child).
One will feel a renewed sense of life or sense of hope.
This treatment empowers perception of joy, thus allowing one to feel more joy in what they create.
 (Perception of Pain Advanced Level) The pain gene must be done before the joy gene.  Within 1 month.
This treatment helps to open the seed of self power, which is often over ridden by the propaganda from social and religious consciousness.  Bottom Line:  Becoming aware of the walls we build to hide our power.  (The seed is located with several bodies, Mental, Emotional, Physical, Ethereal etc. of the Solar Plexus; however, Mental specifically.  When your seed opens you will feel self empowerment.  This treatment is good for ones that are afraid of their own power; or, misuse of it in the past.  Most people misuse their power against themselves and not necessarily against other people.  Abusing your power is the same thing as denying your power.  This is a good treatment for women who think that they are second class.  This is also good for ones who are questioning a religion.
This treatment is for people who have bitterness in their heart. The bitterness can turn into heart disease and/or greatly interfere with loving relationships. This treatment will assist the person in opening their heart to something different, including self-love.
This treatment purifies the toxic death of old. Many hold onto their past or Future deaths influencing their current choice and ailments. What energy of death still attaches to your physical body? This works to heal the Autoimmune disorder. And bring into awareness the energy of death so it can be worked on
This helps ones to keep focused on what they are creating today. This is great for people who continue to recreate the past or leave the future up to someone or something else. This will assist the person to psychologically focus more and then make new choices.  A person who leaves his or her past up to someone or something else usually wants to be taken care of.

This treatment clears the energy from one's energy field after being in contact with toxic entities.  Mostly non-physical, but also includes physical.  It also repairs the damage to the energy field that was caused by toxic entities.  Toxic Entity Energy is a two-part treatment. Both parts can be done from 2 hours apart to 2 days apart. 
Toxic Entity Energy treatment works primarily on one's physical, mental, emotional, astral, and ethereal bodies.
This treatment assists ones who are seeking to resolve their toxic emotions attached to past events, this is also for ones that use this as an excuse not to move forward (I can’t do this because I was abused or other event that happened to them).
The full moon energy helps bring all of this to the surface to be worked on if there are multiple traumas it helps to focus on one trauma at a time first the core trauma
This treatment can only be done 5 days before or after a full moon this include the full moon.
This treatment depletes anxiety caused by an awakening to truth within self, which is usually the result of denial and resistance to change.